Our Results

Footage from our cameras has been used many times by HOA board members, management companies, and law enforcement to help investigate incidents occurring in our clients’ communities.

Houston, TX – HOA pool with frequent incidents of fences being damaged/jumped reported a significant decrease in incidents after our video footage was used to identify several frequent trespassers. Harris County deputies identified the offenders & took action. The incidents ceased shortly afterward.

Tomball, TX – Neighborhood camera system captured a stolen vehicle & license plate data from another vehicle involved with the theft.

Houston, TX – Footage from our neighborhood camera system was used to identify a vehicle involved in a criminal mischief incident in which several vehicles were vandalized. Harris County deputies received plate data that identified the suspect vehicle.

Houston, TX – Common area camera system captured an incident of ATVs being driven in a residential community. This footage was used by Harris County deputies to locate the suspects as they attempted to evade capture.

Katy, TX – Amenity camera system captured after-hours trespassing incident that caused several thousand dollars in damage. This video footage was used to find the responsible party, which allowed the HOA to file an insurance claim for the damage that occurred.

Katy, TX – Numerous incidents with gates being struck by vehicles were captured on this HOA’s camera system. This information was used to file insurance claims that led to the responsible parties’ insurance paying for damages, recovering more than $4000 that would otherwise have been paid by the HOA.

Houston, TX – Video footage was used to identify suspect vehicles in large theft of copper wiring. Information was turned over to Houston Police for further investigation.

Katy, TX – Pool camera system recorded an incident between an irate homeowner and a lifeguard. Video footage of this incident was used as evidence by Harris County deputies.

This list includes just a few incidents captured by our cameras. Many others are under active investigation or involve major incidents. If you would like to protect your community, please Contact us today to schedule a free on-site security assessment.