License Plate Recognition

Our company has significant experience installing License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems in gated and traditional communities around the Greater Houston area. Our license plate detection systems are mounted on permanent poles with a concrete foundation and are designed to stand the test of time.

Our LPR systems use a specialized camera that is configured to capture vehicles and license plates through an Artificial Intelligence algorithm. These systems work by focusing on reflective surfaces and using optical character recognition technology to decode license plate information. This information is then stored in a database for easy retrieval.

Our LPR systems can decode and store license plate information day or night, as well as during inclement weather. These systems can also capture vehicles that don’t have a license plate, which can be useful to identify a make & model of a suspicious vehicle.

We have worked closely with Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO), Harris County Constables, and Houston Police Department to provide video footage for active criminal investigations.

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